Keller Law Office Services

Law Office Overview

Brice is available for consulting on cases in several areas of law including family law, criminal law marijuana legalization advocacy and the medical marijuana defense in Ohio.  

Fathers' Rights and Family Law

Fathers and particularly pro-se litigants are encouraged to contact Keller Law Office for assistance in finding the right attorney, developing mediation or negotiation strategies and/or crash course instruction on pro-se forms, filing and representation.

Criminal Law Services

Brice's experience in law enforcement and time with criminal appointments and clients make him a valuable asset to your defense team.  Contact Keller Law Office directly or have your attorney contact us to provide research support for your case.  

Medical Marijuana Advocacy

Brice is available to work on all types of projects related to marijuana legalization.  patients, business owners and advocates alike are encouraged to contact Keller Law Office to evaluate what services may be available to you in house or from our considerable contacts in the legalization community.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Brice completed his capstone study at the University of Dayton School of Law with a focus on Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation.  Litigation can be very costly and a solid plan that includes alternative dispute resolution options can often leave both parties with better outcomes.  Brice is available to develop ADR plans with all types of clients.

Something Else

Brice is committed to expanding access to justice for all types of persons.  Contact us with all your legal questions and if my office doesn't have the right services for you, we often can help you start your legal quest in the right direction.