Accomplishments and Practice Areas

Educational Background

Brice earned his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix in 2010.  Brice began his legal studies at Gonzaga University School of Law and graduated in 2013 after transferring to the University of Dayton School of Law.  He was admitted to the bar in the State of Ohio in 2013.

Police/Military Experience

After working construction in high school, Brice joined the Air Force at 18 as a security forces member and served in 

Korea and Iraq during his four year enlistment.  Brice subsequently worked as a private investigator (workplace drugs), deputy town marshall, and a private military contractor in the Middle East.

Father's Rights

Brice has handled many divorce, paternity and family law cases.  The vast majority of such cases have been representing petitions brought by fathers.  Brice is committed to working with fathers to meet the parenting goals or the courts and expand a positive view of equal parenting rights while respecting protections afforded to mothers.

Criminal and Drug Offenses

Brice has more than four years experience in handling criminal appointment and criminal clients.  He has worked on the appointed counsel rosters in Dayton and the surrounding areas.  Much of the criminal work to date has been low level felony drug offenses and assorted misdemeanors.  Brice is available for consulting on all criminal cases and can provide research support to attorneys and clients asserting the Medical Marijuana defense in Ohio.

Medical Marijuana Advocacy

Brice has worked tirelessly on marijuana legalization since 2013.  He has been employed as a political consultant for the 2015 campaign as well as participated in all stages of the legislative process resulting in HB 523 in 2016.  Brice is available to assist on all kinds of legalization projects.  Patients and medical marijuana advocates are encouraged to contact Keller Law Office to arrange for consultations and other services.

Outdoors and Adventure

Brice is an accomplished outdoorsman, with proficiency in many sports to include snowboarding, skiing, hiking, rafting, scuba diving and others.  He has traveled to five continents and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa.  During the winter months, Brice is employed in Ski Resort industry in Colorado.